2016 Beauty Favorite (Oily Skin-Friendly Products + Mini Review)

Hello you wonderful, beautiful people!

Welcome to my new blog and let me introduce myself.
I am Nazihah also known as Emon. My skin type is oily/combination and I live in Malaysia where it is always Summer with high humidity!

If you came across the name Emon on my previous blog and think “Did she abandon her old blog?”

The answer to the question would be,YES.
Yes I abandoned my old blog for few long months. I had no motivation to post eventhough I have few written and drafted more than 10 posts. I figured, it’s the New Year so why not just use a new blog and start updating the blog posts that makes me happy!

Enough chit-chat and let’s get on to the intended post shall we?



I am a creature of habit most of the time and here are my most used and loved beauty products of 2016!


Eyeshadow Palettes and Primer

Carli Bybel Eyeshadows and Highlighter Palette

This palette is hands down one of the products created by a YouTuber that I am very excited to own!

At first when I saw the colour, I was debating when will I ever wear purple eyeshadow since I have the tendency to look bruised when I use purple on my eyes. But look at the purple colour, I used it so much it is nearly hitting pan!

Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Eyeshadow Palette

I loved the Iconic 2 eyeshadow palette by Makeup Revolution and when I heard about the Iconic Pro line, I made my decision quickly and bought one (the end of November) to test out. And I can tell you it was worth it! I used it nearly every single day of December!

Pan view of the eyeshadow palettes

Makeup Revolution Focus & Fix Eye Primer

Since my Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal is on its last leg (I probably get 8-10 uses but I am so scared of it running out) so I only use it when I need absolute staying power for my eyeshadows, hence I started using this. #oilyeyelidsprob

TBH, it has no wow factor to it but if you just need something to hold the color on daily basis, you can use it because its cheap!

My advice, just get Too Faced Shadow Insurance or Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer from Sephora.

Catrice Velvet Matte Eyeshadow in 070 Princess Mattleine

I purchased this on a whim. I got home and swatched the eyeshadow, it is a satin, muted pink eyeshadow. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t impressed.

But after few times playing around with it and wearing it to the class, I am in love with it! It is a no fuss eyeshadow that you can apply on your lid with little to no blending (I never blend mine anyway when using it) and you still look put together.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in Unstoppable

Believe me when I say this, this is the prettiest blush colour I used, EVER! It may look super light on the pan.

Girl! You wrong!
You need to apply it on your face!

I have always been eyeing for Tarte’s blushes but for RM120 a pop, I’ll be eating Mi Sedap for the whole month (I am a student still, so nope). I went to Sephora early December with the intention of trying out UD’s new foundation and I saw Tarte holiday bundle (a small blush, deluxe size mascara and a mini lipstick) and I grab it and went straight to the counter!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Bronze

It looks light but the colour is perfect for bronzing and light contouring! I thought with my skin color, it wouldn’t show up. Boy was I wrong! It gives the perfect amount of warmth and shadow as you layer it.

Elianto Satin Matte Rouge Lipstick in 03

Dear Elianto, why did you discontinue this lip color tho???

Whenever I saw Youtubers mentioned how devastated they are when their favourite product is discontinued, I can never relate. But not anymore! Now I experienced the heartache and stress of not having that perfect shade of lipstick you love so much.

As you can see, it is on its last leg and I use it sparingly because I don’t want it to finish (because I have not find the perfect and exact shade of this lipstick!)

Watsons Water360 Mineral Spring Hydrating Facial Lotion

I used to use the Aloe Vera gel from Elianto but I noticed my skin is dry and started peeling the longer I used it (there’s alcohol in the gel) so I hunted a new moisturizer.

When Watsons BA suggested this lotion, I’m a little sceptical but let me tell you, this is one of the best moisturizer I have ever used. I have very oily skin and with this lotion, it gives the hydration my skin needs. I use it day and night. When I used it at night, I noticed the next morning my skin is smooth, hydrated and not oily. NOT OILY!

I will repurchase the lotion before I run out of it!

De’Xandra Perfume in Paris Hilton’s Woman

I love De’Xandra perfume. If you are like me, sweating like a cow on a daily basis, you need to try De’Xandra!

3 spritz is enough for the whole day! I do not feel the need to buy expensive perfume from Sephora nowadays. I had 2 empty bottles and 3 soon-to-be-empty bottles now.


With makeup, come the tools to apply it! If you are a beginner and do not know what to buy and where to start, I hope this mini review will help you out!

Makeup Tools


Real Techniques sponge

I know Beauty Blender is all the hype in the beauty industry and makeup lovers. But I ain’t got RM100 to be spent at Sephora for a sponge.

Pssst, RT sponge costs me around RM30. Much cheaper, ya know!

Hence, I chose the closest alternative of it and got Real Techniques sponge. I was sceptical as always but it really works! My foundation is always flawless when applied with RT sponge and I am regretting not buying the pack of two!


Makeup Revolution All Over Face Brush

Okay, I think if you have this type of brush (fluffy but pinched, not rounded), you are set for life. I use this brush every day to apply powder, bronzer & blusher. I don’t even reach for any other brushes I have.


Slanted Foundation Brush

If you want to use a brush to apply foundation, please find a dense brush. It picks up the foundation but does not absorb too much. If you use fluffy brush, the foundation will stick on the bristles and the application will result in streaky mess. Not cute.


MAC 217 Eyeshadow Blending Brush

Okay if you like applying eyeshadow with your fingers, go for it!

However, if you want to try using a brush, get a brush like MAC 217 because it is fluffy enough to be shadow blender for transition colour and since the tip is slightly tapered, it can be used for precision blending of darker eyeshadow too!


H&M Double-ended Brow Brush

TBH, I only wanted the spoolie. The other end can be used as eyeliner or eyebrow brush but for me, it is too flimsy for both application.


Rosegold Eyebrow/Eyeliner Brush

@thehoppipollastore on Instagram sells the set for less than RM50! She has this rosegold brush bundle of 7 brushes but the one I use every day is this one brush. I use it to fill in by brows!

P/s: I just realized that the 7 piece brush set is the exact replica of Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection.

I’m glad you are still with me!

Here are some bonus informations for you for few honourable mention products that I tried and loved in 2016!

Honorable Mentions:

Cosrx Hello Good Morning Low pH Gel Cleanser

Great cleanser! No tight feeling on the skin after each use.

St. Ives Peach Scrub

The best scrub to achieve soft and supple skin after a long day of wearing heavy makeup!

Thursday’s Plantation Tea Tree Oil

Always my favourite tea tree oil. Body Shop’s tea tree oil is nothing compared to this!

Revlon ColorStay (Toast) + Maybelline Dream Satin Skin (B00)

I bought the wrong shade of the Revlon foundation so my genius idea is to buy a lighter Maybelline foundation. Mixed them together. So far, I’m okay with it. I need new foundation in few months.

Silkygirl BB 2-Way Powder Foundation

Hands down the best powder foundation I have ever tried! Medium to full coverage depending on how you layer it.

Since I love the powder so much, I searched for the foundation every week for three months at Mydin, Guardian, Watsons, AEON and Sam’s Groceria. I’m not even kidding.

However, my prediction was right. Silkygirl DISCONTINUED it! (I found a Silkygirl’s promoter from the factory and asked her).

Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder

One of the best bronzer from the drugstore. Very affordable. Priced at RM22.90 and I used it nearly every single day for the whole year and I still have some leftover on the rim of the pan!

Daiso Princess Mascara

The cheapest mascara I have ever tried and not bad either! Priced at RM5.30 and you can get it from major Daiso stores. Great as an everyday mascara. But if your eyes are watery like me, would not recommend using it on the bottom lashes!

Thanks for staying and have a great weekend!♥